Friday, December 18, 2009

Show Me What You Got!

The Top Five Online Portfolio Sites To Showcase Your Work

As a designer, artist, model or any other creative field professional, we all know the importance of having an outstanding portfolio. Most designers generally shell out a lot of money for their nice imported leather portfolios. Although these portfolios can be pricey, I must add that they are still a great investment. There are however, more inexpensive ways to get your work seen by the right people.

There are dozens of sites that allow you to upload your work to showcase your skills, but I have narrowed my favorite five list down just for you! The sweetest part is majority of them are free, and have low costs if any. Please note: When you begin to use online portfolio sites it is best to use a watermark to protect your work(s). In a previous post I went over the easiest and time efficient way to do so

1. Behance Network -Behance is a huge, free platform for the world's leading creative professionals. You can set up a profile, share some of your work with other designers, professionals, and even surf for design gigs! 

2. Flickr - Although this site is primarily a place for most people to store personal photos, it has beed used by a growing number of designers to display and share their work. Users can set up accounts and profiles as well as join groups.


3. Carbonmade - Is another excellent site for displaying your online portfolio. You can create an account for free, but after so many images, you have to pay for your space. However, they do offer reasonably prices. I have an account with them you can visit:


4.Deviant Art - Is one of the go-to sites for all kinds of artists. After you sign up and create a profile, you can view other artists work, as well as get critiques on your work from your followers. This site also proves to be a great site for networking. I also have an account with them:


5. Coroflot - Is a fast and easy way to get your creative projects online, and in front of the right people. It also allows you to see how many times your work is being viewed. It is very user friendly, and has a clean and professional look. The best part of all it is completely free!


Now that you have my top five picks for portfolio sites, I suggest you get to it! At least one or all of these sites should fit your design portfolio needs. As soon as you set up you account be sure to shoot us the link in our comment box, and show us what you got! Also, if you know of any other great portfolio sites, please feel free to drop a line in the comment section. Stay tuned for next week's posts, there will be more tutorials, articles, and a special freebie to assist you with your fashion design process!

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