Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sketch Of The Day


This Sketch was inspired by both Lady Gaga & Rihanna. I created this sketch by both hand and computer-aided techniques. I hope you enjoy!


KtotheB said...

Thumbz Up +

SchauminChanel said...

Thank You! Glad you enjoyed it!

Creative Conceptz Ltd.

Squirlay said...

Creative! Slick! You gotz to be a bad sista for this one.

Anonymous said...

great work!

Fashion Fairies said...

I am so loving those boots and the shoulders on that jacket is Hott!! Good job Hun

Anonymous said...

Hey Love! You know im a sucka for a HAWT corset so.. with that being said I love it I see where your going with the whole styling and I like.taking chances and being different is me all the way! Nist@

Cee said...

Cool. i dig this 1ne. u should make it so i can give it 2 sumbdy's girlfriend 4 christmas :^D

Anonymous said...

this is a good 1... i can def. see rhianna crazy ass wearing this look on a day of just shoppin... love my fav.

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