Friday, December 4, 2009

So You Think You Can Be A Fashion Freelancer?

Freelancing 101 Pros & Cons


Picture this: It’s 8:45 A.M., and you have just parked, and exited your maroon-colored, E-class coupe. The doorman greets you as your Christian Louboutins click loudly on the imported marble floors of your executive building. You step in into the elevator to get to your floor, and say to yourself: “This is what being your own boss is all about, this is my glamorous life as a freelancer.” Ha! Cut the MTV: ‘The Hills’ theme song, and come back to reality!

Being a freelancer has its many perks, but it also comes with quite a few cons as well. There are also a few misconceptions about Freelancers, like the exaggerated scenario above. Sure, it’s not impossible to get to that point, but one should not expect those results without working his or her tail off! A freelancer is considered a self- employed person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any particular employer. Sounds great so far huh?

Well we all know the greatest perk is being you own boss, but that can also be a con as well. Instead of clocking out, and heading to free drink Friday’s at Crusty Joe’s bar & grill, you have to work around the clock to get things done. Being able to set your own hours is a definite plus, but you also have to wear many hats. You’re not just a freelancer designer, you are an Accountant, Marketing Manager, Sales, IT, and the list goes on.

Another pro is no restrictions. Remember the frustration you would get out of not accessing your Gmail or Facebook account at work because of limited web access!? As a freelancer, your free to surf the web as much as you desire, but beware this can become a major distraction leading to a pile of unfinished work.

Freelance Designers tend to make more than In-house designers, but the freedom of pricing yourself can also be a setback. If you charge to low you’re selling yourself short, and if you charge to high, you lose your clients to more realistically-priced freelancers. It’s best to research your competition, and the current market to see how much people are typically charging for similar services.

The most commonly known con is the responsibility/liability. You are responsible for everything! You have to reach out and find your clients, and must be ready to provide the best customer service to keep them happy. If your client is not happy with your work, you have to deal with them accordingly.

Lastly, the financial rollercoaster is definitely a deterring factor of freelancing. One month you may be slammed with projects, and the next month left with zip, nada, nothing. Though this con can be discouraging, you can use it as an opportunity to promote your services, and possibly acquire new prospective clients.

Now that you know the Pros and Cons…do you still think you can do it? If your answer is yes, good luck to you my friend, and stay tuned for more to help you on your freelancing journey.

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Anonymous said...

I cant picture it .. lol

SchauminChanel said...

Thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed this post hopefully you will stick around for more to come!

Cee Feezy said...

so true...Freelancers make more than in-house. jus like in my line of work: independents make more than mainstream. best way 2 get ya damn self

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