Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Weekly Resource Round-Up

My Top Five Sites To Visit

Hello my friends! I realized while surfing the net, there are so many resourceful sites that I can share for you all to visit for general inspiration, tutorials, and knowledge. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any you want to share let me know!

This site is a great resource for fashion students, wanna-be designers, and anyone who wants to find resources pertaining to fashion design. A few of my articles and tutorials will be featured on this site so be on the look out!

Uma Preve is one of my faithful readers and also the recent winner of the Sketch Of The Day contest. I am excited to work with her, because she is so creative. Her blog is a diary of her creative pursuits which consist of Sewing, Make-up, and Jewelry making. She is absolutely adorable, and is truly inspiring to say the least. Stay tuned for her custom design/illustration made by me!

 I was excited to see that they did a post on My Design Diary Secrets! Yay! This blog is seriously inspiring with its abundance of fashion eye candy, and up-to-date articles on everything pertaining to fashion. 

 Its a beautiful pictorial-like blog by Tayler Layne. Her space is very sleek, and the somewhat off-beat imagery, and articles are almost addictive.

 Cyanatrend is an online magazine that specializes in trend forecasting. They forecast trends with a unique direction of imagery that can be a helpful guide for many! You can advertise on their, and push your design business, or learn about up and coming companies.

I hope you all find these sites resourceful, and inspiring! Next week I will have a new round up for review, so stay tuned my friends!

Fashionably Yours,

Since the tender age of twelve, Schaumin Chanel Alexander has been creating fashion illustrations, and designing Womens wear apparel. Shortly after graduating college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing, she began freelancing her talents. SchauminChanel is the main designer and chief operator of Creative Conceptz Ltd., a company dedicated to freelance fashion design.


F (The Very Subjective) said...

Shaumin Chanel, you have been awarded The Kreativ Blogger award! As they say "come and get it" and pass it on :)

UmaPreve said...

Thanks for featuring my blog. I got back from my honeymoon.. Will soon contact you on the illustration.

Thanks Schaumin.

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