Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sketch Of The Day Contest Ends Tomorrow!


Hello My faithful readers, and new followers! As of 11:59 PM February 3rd, 2010, the Sketch of The Day contest will be closed. You still have a little time to enter. All you need to do is simply visit past Sketch Of The Day posts, and comment as to why you like them. Yes, it is that simple! Multiple submissions are allowed in this contest, and the winner gets a FREE custom fashion illustration from me. 

The illustration can be hand or digitally done, and could be used in any way by the winner (i.e. Screen saver, Blog banner, Print to poster, etc) All I would need from the winner is clear directions as to how they want their illustration to look, and a scanned rough sketch would be also very helpful! I can't wait to see all of your comments, and thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog. Good luck to you!

Fashionably Yours, 

Since the tender age of twelve, Schaumin Chanel Alexander has been creating fashion illustrations, and designing Womens wear apparel. Shortly after graduating college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing, she began freelancing her talents. SchauminChanel is the main designer and chief operator of Creative Conceptz Ltd., a company dedicated to freelance fashion design.


retro-a-porter said...

Hello! Thanks to visit and follow Fashion Heroines. I just published a post in my blog about your work that I really loved. I would like you take a look to the post I wrote about you. Leave a comment if you wish.

Best Regards (from Portugal)

SchauminChanel said...

Oh wow thank you very much! I am blushing! I hope you will keep in touch! I am about to begin a 'Artist Of The Month' post as well as a weekly link round up, and would love to return the shout out! So Stay tuned! Thank You again :)



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